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Company Profile:
INTERNATIONAL MARKETING COMPANY is a fast growing marketing & Consultancy Company which aims providing a vast range of services related to sales and business development of products through a well designed sales campaigns. Knowing trends, habits & needs of various clients are the key to our success, ready or tailor made solutions to selling different products to different markets.

The Horizon:
INTERNATIONAL MARKETING COMPANY aims at being the largest company working in Travel solutions through a specific marketing technique , Reservation is our main target market.

Our process of selecting & training employees helps our company to achieve & exceed its goals in delivering the best available services through our custom designed sales programs. Keeping staff motivated to go the extra mile is a policy that the company has adopted from day one, by turning each employee to work and contribute to the company overall goals as if he/she was a share holder. We have really implemented the say: "employees are our most valuable assets".

Software & Database:
Our software helps us to maintain constant contact with our clients to update them on our new services, promotions or any business related aspects. We keep contact with our clients on almost a monthly basis through different type of campaigns: SMS campaign, email campaigns and telephone campaigns. Each members profile include his different requests including time, date , rate ,type of room, duration of stay, total amount paid and method of payment. Also, clients receive greetings on his/her special days (Birthday, spouse birthday, anniversary…etc), these greetings are sometimes associated with special promotions on accommodation & elegant dining.

We are working successfully with hotels, tour operators, Nile cruises, car rental companies, our business is getting stronger day by day with our suppliers and the number of suppliers gets bigger week by week. We carefully choose whom we deal with based on their market share, level of service provided, clients’ comments, and promotions given to our clients and of course ability to deliver services effectively & efficiently.
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